Medium     Large       
The Lovers Line:

Super Supreme      $13.99           $15.99
(all the meats, black and green olives, green peppers, onions and mushrooms)

Meat Lovers          $13.99           $15.99
(all the meats)

Ranch Lovers      $13.99         $15.99
(Your favorite topping with Ranch Sauce instead of  Pizza Sauce)

Veggie Lovers        $13.99            $15.99
(black olives, green peppers, onions, lettuce and mushrooms)

Our Specialty line:

Hawaiian                $13.99         $15.99
(pineapple and canadian bacon)

BBQ       $13.99        $15.99
(grade “A” beef in a tangy barbecue sauce topped with mozzarella cheese)

Western                  $13.99            $15.99
(canadian bacon and sauerkraut) 

Taco       $13.99          $15.99
(mild taco sauce with taco meat, crumbled taco shell, mozzarella cheese, topped with lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and cheddar cheese)

Cheeseburger        $13.99           $15.99
(hamburger, onion, pickles along with mozzarella and cheddar cheese)

The Ranchero        $13.99        $15.99
(your choice of meat with fried onions and ranch dressing)

The Reuben               $13.99           $15.99
(thousand island dressing, swiss cheese, corn beef, mozzarella cheese)

Our Traditionals:

Hamburger             $9.99             $11.99
Italian Sausage     $9.99             $11.99
Pepperoni                 $9.99             $11.99
Canadian Bacon    $9.99             $11.99
Simply Cheese         $8.99             $10.99

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Pizza Department Hours:

Monday - Thursday
Open from 11am – 1pm and 4pm ~ 6pm
Friday - Saturday
Open from 11am – 1pm and 4pm ~ 7pm


Anytime the Store is Open!!
Depending on Availability

Desert Pizzas ~             $8.99

Cherry, Apple, and Pumpkin Pie
(fruit topping, streusel topping and white icing drizzle)

Cactus Bread:                $7.99
(streusel topping, cinnamon and white icing drizzle

Also available:
Bread Stixs and Cinnamon Stixs

                     Half           Full
                                         Order      Order
Cheese Stixs           $6.99      $8.99
Bread Stixs              $5.99      $7.99 Cinnamon Stixs  $5.99      $7.99

203 West Main
Pierce, NE 68767

(402) 329-4211

Sandwiches and more made in our kitchen

Cheese Burger
Bacon Cheese Burger
BBQ Chicken
Meat Loaf

Chicken Strips

On the Roller Grill
Hot Dogs
and many more

Breakfast Items

Breakfast Pizza
(sausage, egg, creamy cheese sauce, mozzarella)

Breakfast Sandwiches

Sausage, egg and cheese on a croissant or english muffin

Bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant or english muffin

Ham, egg and cheese on a
croissant or english muffin

Pancakes and eggs

Biscuits and gravy