~ Our Promise ~

The Liquor Store opened on Nov. 2nd 1995 and offers a wide selection of wines and liquors, the coldest and best-priced beer in the area, the best take-out pizza, the newest video releases and the friendliest service you’ve ever had.   In 2013 we expanded and doubled our space offering a full line of convenience items as well as an expanded kitchen offering grill items, breakfast items and our favored daily lunch specials.  We have the largest selection of fountain products in town!
We offer specials each month and love experimenting with new and exciting ideas.  If you have a suggestion we are always willing to try something new!  Our Pizzas consist of only the freshest ingredients, combined with a homemade sauce, real mozzarella cheese and topped with a special combination of spices and herbs.  Our Pizzas can either be baked in our store or if you prefer we offer our popular Take~N~Bake option where you take the pizza home and bake it in your own oven at your convenience.   
The Liquor Store offers the lowest beer prices in the area, our Warm Beer specials are the lowest around and our Cold Beer is the coldest.  Our selection of Wines and Liquors are exceptional but if we don’t carry what you want; just let us now and we will be more than happy to start...     
If you like the game of chance, we also carry the scratch tickets, Powerball and pickle cards. 

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This page was last updated: January 31, 2016
203 West Main Street
Pierce, NE 68767

(402) 329-4211